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About JVB Financial Group

Small businesses are at the heart of the American economy, but lack of funding makes it difficult for many to start their own business. Financing a small business is not easy, and entrepreneurs often face a number of challenges on their way to success.

My 30 years of owning and financing small businesses have taught me that although financing can be hard to come by, funding is almost always available.  You just need the right contacts and support.

I currently own and operate five small businesses (Commercial Janitorial Company, Vending & Coffee Service Company, Franchise Recruiting Company, Small Business Lending Company and a Business Expense Reduction and Tax Savings Company.)  Each of my businesses have had their challenges and rewards, but proper financing was always paramount to their success.

Having a strong financial foundation is always helpful, even during tough times. It gives you the peace of mind and stability that you need to weather any storm. A solid financial foundation also gives you the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

With 40 years in business and as a Navy veteran, I am intimately prepared for success in both life and business.

I have made it my passion to help entrepreneurs succeed in business.  From securing your first business financial loan, to unraveling a complex credit issue, I can help.

I am a  Certified Business Consultant with Business Alliance, Inc., and am trained to guide you through the funding process. It is my goal to make your project successful by utilizing my extensive network of funding resources and contacts.

If you are longing to start a business so you can be in control of your life and time, please give me a call. Together we can find funding solutions to get your dream business off the ground and flourish for years to come.

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